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Vibrations Technologies is committed to establishing long-term relationships with advertisers and our ultimate goal is to assist in the growth of your business worldwide.

We deliver an Internet-based marketing program that is cost-effective and clearly focused on the creation and maintenance of a strong return on investment. Our strategy is specifically designed to benefit the advertiser providing meaningful and relevant placements with a complete focus on maximizing the marketing dollars you allocate to Vibrations Technologies.

Working with Advertising Agencies

Vibrations Technologies has developed relationships with the largest interactive advertising agencies in the world. The Vibrations Technologies Ad Sales team is committed to achieving the overall goals of the agency and its client, while developing strong return on investment.

Vibrations Technologies is able to accommodate the third-party serving requirements of all agencies.

Working Directly with Clients

Vibrations Technologies recognizes that not all businesses are affiliated with an advertising agency. Small and medium-sized businesses are treated with the same degree of professionalism as a world-class agency.

The Vibrations Technologies Ad Sales team works with the client to develop a complete marketing solution outlining targeting criteria and performance metrics. The focus of each campaign is the development of strong return on investment for the advertising dollars allocated to Vibrations Technologies.

Vibrations Technologies is able to provide a complete Ad Serving solution including tracking and analysis. Campaign performance is monitored daily and online access to these reports is provided to each client.

For Vibrations Technologies Rate plans for Ad banners, please fill the request form A customer service rep will get in touch with you shortly.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Ads will be served from servers.
  • Ads start after payment is received.
Please note that Ads tend to get booked well in advance, so it is advisable for you to let us know of your requirements at the earliest.

We are also able to accept banner and content specific placements via : Feedback form

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